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Longhorn Stampede for Children
“Mack, Jack and McConaughey” sponsor a fundraising event every year to raise money for deserving children’s charities. As part of their 2014 event, life-sized longhorns were created for their high profile auction, held at the ACL Moody Theatre in Austin, Texas.
Tex, the Trophy Longhorn, is inspired by the Waterford crystal 2005 BCS trophy won by the national championship Longhorn football team.  
He is decked out in sparking beveled mirror tiles...over 20,000 pieces!  Each piece is individually placed into the mosaic, and designed to enhance the shape of the longhorn, while maintaining the diagonal crystal design of the trophy.  
Dianne’s mosaic longhorn broke records for auctions of this kind when he raised $250,000 for these deserving charities.  
Tex, the Trophy Longhorn
Beveled mirror tiles, mirrored waterglass, stained glass, and epoxy grout on a life sized fiberglass longhorn.
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