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If you have an idea for an installation or a custom art piece, I would love to help you realize your vision. Much of the work I create is custom artwork, created specifically for each client. I work with you to discover how to translate your vision or ideas into a finished work of art.  Don’t have specific ideas, but want a custom mosaic or sculpture?  I make the process easy, and offer ideas and designs, assisting you in realizing a lovely work of art for your home or business.

Contact me to inquire about custom artwork 


Included in the process of creating a mosaic or sculpture:

  • Free initial consultation (in person, by phone/email, or virtually) to discuss your project or vision.

  • Artist will create a proposal and cost estimate based on client specifications. Typical costs range from $200-1000 per square foot, depending on design, materials, and complexity.

  • A design fee of approximately $500 is invoiced (this may vary depending on size and scope), and will be deducted from the final invoice if the client chooses to proceed with the mosaic.  If there is a pre-determined ready-to-use Design, this fee may be waived. Larger or smaller mosaic designs can be negotiated as necessary.

  • Creation of the designs to be used for the artwork.  Interaction between artist and client to determine optimal design. A reasonable amount of changes (3-4 redrawings) can be made without additional charges.

  • Recommendations and specifications regarding colors, palette, materials, and design specifications.  These may be limited and influenced by product availability.

  • A small mosaic sample board may be created at this point.  This will show how the mosaic will actually look.

  • Preparation, research, and planning for project prior to the fabrication and installation.

  • Once design is completed and approved, a full sized template is created so the artwork can be fabricated.   

  • Materials will be chosen and purchased based on Client preferences and cost considerations. The highest quality, most durable materials are used in the work.  Materials will be selected based on beauty and appropriateness for the project.  We work together to choose the palettes and materials.

  • Fabrication is generally completed in the Artist’s studio in Austin, Texas.  If onsite fabrication is required, additional charges may be required.

  • Installation: Artist will consult with client and any installers needed to determine best practices, costs, and will proceed as appropriate to complete the commission.

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