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With our base firmly grounded in the earthly elements, we find that as we transcend

challenges and allow ourselves to grow and be uplifted, we reach the rarified realm of spirit.  


Uplifting our consciousness allows us to see and hear truth.  We find that all is connected: nature, spirit, knowledge and wisdom.  To see and experience the light that is created as we rise up is to be truly free.


Dedicated to the truth tellers and wise ones in our world.  May they continue to light our way.


This sculpture was created for and exhibited in The Sardinia Contemporary Mosaic and Art Virtual Symposium in May 2020, during the time of COVID.  Dianne was one of approximately 50 artists worldwide selected to participate in this prestigious symposium.

19x16x16” smalti, stone, gold, mixed media on handformed sculptural substrate



Available for Purchase 

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