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The Universe is Turquoise
The inspiration for this mandala comes from two fascinating things: a crop circle design, and a scientific report.  A while back, a group of scientists determined that if you combine all the light frequencies in the known universe, the resulting color is turquoise.  That image/idea has stuck with me for years. 
Crop circles provide my second inspiration: mysterious and unexplained, exceptionally beautiful, and meticulously executed.  This rare nine-pointed star design from a crop circle in Milk Hill provided the perfect inspiration for my design incorporating a fun "grout" of gradated colors of chunky turquoise glass frit.   A variety of textures and techniques complete the design, with a focal point of handmade kiln-formed glass signifying the center of the universe.
20”.  Stained glass, fused glass medallion, beads, VanGogh glass, glass frit, 
BEST IN SHOW: Silver Circle Gallery Exhibit, Putnam, CT
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