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The Same Sun

Words from my long-lost brother inspired the title for this piece. 

"Though we may be separated by distance, when we look up, we see the same sun."


This mosaic represents balance, unity, direction and warmth.   The warm glow of the 24K gold directional spires reach out toward the edges.   The "embers" of black granite yield to fiery rays of spectacular dichroic glass. The dichroic glass changes colors depending on the viewing angle. If you look closely, you will notice that the grout colors change subtly from the center to the outer edges.  Principles from sacred geometry were used to create optimal and visually pleasing design elements.   This mandala holds a very personal meaning for the artist, and conveys a warm positive energy to the beholder.

©️2015 16”. Stained glass, recycled glass tile, beads, Murrini, dichroic glass, granite, 24K gold, custom tinted grout

The Same Sun
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