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Workshops and Class List

My current course offerings are listed here. Sign up for my mailing list or follow my page on Facebook  to receive notifications when new classes are being offered.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area, please contact me.


Mosaics I: Introduction to Mosaic Art

Create beautiful and functional mosaics using glass, tile, stone, mirror, and/or broken china in this class suitable for beginners.  Learn about pattern, texture, and color choices.  Practice design layout, tile cutting and breaking, tool use, adhesive use, and safe grout usage.  Enjoy completing one or two small projects, such as pots, stepping stones, trays, mirrors, or picture frames. 


  • Experience level: beginner

  • Format: 8 week class taught through The Contemporary Austin Art School at Laguna Gloria, Austin, TX

Mosaics II: Learn additional mosaic techniques and skills

If you enjoy making mosaics and want to learn more, this is the class for you!  Learn new mosaic techniques, work with unique materials, or take your skills to the next level.  Practice advanced cutting, layout and design techniques, and how to work with a variety of surfaces (both 2D and 3D).  Learn new grouting methods, such as multiple grout colors, and glittery metallic epoxy grout.


  • Experience level: intermediate

  • Format: 8 week class taught through The Contemporary Austin Art School at Laguna Gloria, Austin, TX

Sculptural Mosaics

Take your mosaic skills to the 3rd dimension in this unique and innovative class, taught by an award-winning large-scale sculptural mosaic artist.  This class is designed for people who have some basic knowledge of mosaic art.  Participants will create several projects during the 8-week class, while learning about various techniques for creating dimensional surfaces that can be used for outdoor mosaics and sculptural art.  Appropriate adhesives, techniques, and tips will be discussed, as well as weather and durability concerns.

  • Experience level: intermediate

  • Format: 8 week class (modified version available as weekend workshop)


Sacred Geometry and Mandala Design

In this fascinating and challenging course, participants will learn intriguing facts about sacred geometry, nature and art, the Golden Ratio, and elements of mandala design.  (Mandalas are round geometric designs, with individual, spiritual, cultural or religious significance.)  The techniques we will learn were used and understood by our Byzantine predecessors, and will give each of us the ability to create beautiful works of geometric mosaic art.


Each student will receive their own design tool kit, put together by Dianne specifically for workshop participants.   Participants will learn how to effectively use compasses, protractors and calipers to expand their design capabilities.  Using a combination of instruction and exercises, we will design an individual mandala on paper, translate that design onto the substrate, and begin the creation of our mosaics.  While it is possible to finish the mosaic work during the weekend, most participants choose to proceed at their own pace and complete their mosaic at home.  Dianne will do a grouting/finishing discussion and send grouting instructions home with everyone.  

Materials will be provided, although participants are welcome to bring items from home if they choose.  Many students like to bring a "focal point" for the center of their mandala.  Something between  approximately 1/2" to 4" that has particular significance. 


Each participant will leave the workshop with enhanced design abilities, a different view of the universe we live in, and the tools and knowledge to create beautiful mosaic mandala designs on their own.


Dianne will guide you through the process from beginning to end, with multimedia presentations and plenty of hands-on learning.  There will be ample time for questions and discussion.  This is Dianne's "signature" course, based on her years of exploration, inquiry and experimentation. 


  • Experience level: intermediate

  • Format: 1 or 2 day weekend workshop

From Concept to Completion: Exploring the Creative Process

Do you want to become comfortable creating your own original designs?  Do you yearn to find your voice as an artist and convey your unique point of view?   Do you need a fresh start?  How do you take a vague concept and create a meaningful work of mosaic art?


Internationally recognized mosaic artist Dianne Sonnenberg will guide you thorough the creative process, and help you discover your inspiration and passion. You will discover your innate ability to find your vision and trust your imagination.


Many of us want to further our work, grow as artists, and explore our individual styles.  You will gain tools to facilitate your ability to BE creative and original.  We will address overcoming fear, identifying your limits and/or what holds you back, and what it takes to move beyond these barriers.  Many of us have trouble finishing a work of art when we become “stuck”. We will explore many ways to figure out why this happens, and what to do about it!


Through a series of exercises and activities, you will gain the skills and confidence you need to create original works of art in your own “style”.


Dianne will draw on her experience with the 2017 Clauiano Mosaic Symposium, where she created a monumental work of art in Italy in over just two weeks, based on an abstract concept and a few surprising twists.  With Dianne's extensive background with client commissions, international exhibits, and mandala design, you will be in very good hands.  This course will be challenging, but also supportive and inspiring.  You should expect to go beyond your comfort zone, but know that we will all be doing it together!


During the weekend, we will complete a series of 4x4” mosaic exercises that will help free up and define our creative process.  Dianne will provide a workbook that participants will take home to further their exploration and experience from the workshop. The more time and energy you can devote to the concepts presented in the course, the more you will get out of it, exponentially!


  • Experience level: all levels (basic understanding of mosaic process is helpful during the exercises)

  • Format: weekend workshop or 8 week class


Recycled Mosaic Windows

Create beautiful works of mosaic art on recycled windows in this unique workshop taught by renowned mosaic artist Dianne Sonnenberg.  For those who love Wabi-Sabi art (a Japanese perspective of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, or incomplete") this is a lovely way to create a recycled masterpiece, with a colorful mosaic on glass.  This technique is extremely versatile, and allows for individual creativity.  Even if you don't think you're particularly creative, you will be surprised and delighted by the results!  Your course will including instruction in cutting glass, learning the nuances of working with glass on glass adhesive, how to best work with repurposed substrates, design and color, choosing materials, layout/Andamento, and grouting.  Students bring their own wooden window pane and most materials. Dianne will help you source them locally if you have any difficulty in locating one.  Dianne will work with you to determine your design ideas prior to the course, so you know what you will need.

Dianne will guide you through the process from beginning to end, with multimedia presentations and plenty of hands-on learning. This is a class for many skill levels, with a very impressive project!   You will leave the class with a beautiful work of mosaic art, and the knowledge, experience and ability to create additional glass on glass mosaics on your own.


  • Experience level: intermediate

  • Format: weekend workshop


Introduction to Smalti

Handcrafted glass Smalti is one of the most beautiful and revered mosaic materials available.  It has been used for centuries by mosaic masters worldwide in both traditional and contemporary mosaic work. 


If you have never used this exquisite material in your mosaics, this workshop will provide an excellent introduction.   We will learn about the different types of smalti, cutting methods and techniques, andamento (the layout and direction of your mosaic pieces), adhesives, and more. 

Dianne will provide a combination of slideshow presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on individual instruction.


Each participant will make two 6x6" mosaics, using both traditional and contemporary techniques. It is possible to complete both mosaics during the weekend course, but many participants choose to finish them on their own time after the course.  Patterns will be provided to facilitate the process.


  • Experience level: beginner/intermediate

  • Format: weekend workshop

Hot Mosaics: making and using fused glass elements in mosaic

Dianne collaborates with a Helios Fused Glass Studio Instructor in this 6 week class, to help you create your own one-of-a-kind work of art using both fused glass and mosaic techniques.


You will learn how to create a variety of fused glass elements that you can use to begin to create your design, and then learn mosaic techniques to finish it. You will receive 3 weeks of fusing instruction, and 3 weeks of mosaic instruction.


Materials, fusing, adhesive, grout, tools, and an MDF substrate are included in the course.


  • Experience level: beginner/intermediate

  • Format: 6 week class taught at Helios Fused Glass Studio, Austin, TX


Mosaic Jewelry (Intro & Upscale)

If you've ever been interested in learning how to make mosaics, this is a unique and fun introductory class.  For those who already are familiar with this compelling art form, learn a new way to make use of your “leftover” mosaic materials! In the “Upscale” version of this course, we learn and work with design concepts to create “designer” jewelry pieces.


Each participant will create two stunning mosaic pendants, including either a pendant chain or key ring.


  • Experience level: beginner/intermediate

  • Format: 2-3 hour class

Mosaics Refined: Color, Texture, Flow

For people who have some experience with mosaic art, take your work to the next level with this Master Class.  In our weekend session, we will explore ways to refine your mosaic work: create an original abstract mosaic with rich textures and lush materials, using your own pre-determined color palette. Make a statement and elevate your skills with Andamento (the direction, shape, and flow of the individual pieces).


Each participant will create a 9x12” mosaic (mounted on MDF board) utilizing a variety of innovative techniques and premium materials, including smalti, semi-precious stone, marble, Italian millefiori, and 24K gold tile.


Dianne will provide an introductory slideshow outlining techniques and tips to help you approach your creative process in new ways.  Use some of these techniques to create a one of a kind original abstract mosaic. A customized materials kit will be provided.

  • Experience level: intermediate/advanced

  • Format: weekend workshop

Playing with Shadow and Light: Using Smalti to Create Nuances and Realism in Mosaic

To create the look and feel of a 3D object on a 2D surface in mosaic requires an understanding of how to work with color, andamento, shadow, and light. We explore these challenges as we create an 8x8” ungrouted mosaic using an apple as our theme. 


You will work with a range of colored smalti (Mexican and/or Italian) for the apple, using thinset mortar as your adhesive. Participants will learn many useful techniques in this class, including creating beautiful gradients, how to use Andamento most effectively, cutting smalti using mosaic nippers, learning how light and shadow work to create your desired effect, the particularities of working with smalti, and much more.  We will discuss different options for backgrounds and how they enhance the focal point of your mosaic.


  • Experience level: intermediate/advanced

  • Format: 3 weekly sessions or weekend workshop


Mini Mosaic Masterclasses

Learn the basics of advanced mosaic techniques in these 3 hour one-session classes.  Through a combination of lecture, demo and hands-on practice, Dianne will teach you new and useful techniques to enhance your mosaic making.


Topics include:

  • Outdoor Mosaic Techniques

  • Using Colorants and Pigments for grout and thinset

  • Mosaic Andamento

  • Mesh, Indirect and Double-Indirect Methods

  • Adhesives Guide

  • Experience level: all

Custom classes are available by request


Dianne teaches a wide variety of techniques for all skill levels. If you have a group of 6 or more, Dianne will customize a class or workshop for your group or event.  Team-building events, art parties, weekend retreats, specific technique classes, and more are available. 

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