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Creating beauty has always been an integral part of my art. Discovering the secrets of aesthetic beauty hidden in nature through sacred geometry and Mandala art was a true revelation for me, and it has changed my entire perspective on art and life. Incorporating proportions, spirals, and natural elements has fascinated me and influenced my art irrevocably.


I work primarily with glass and stone and shapes. I create unique and appealing textures and juxtapositions.  I find the interaction of my work with light and reflection creates properties not available in other mediums.  People generally react extremely positively to my artwork, and enjoy the feelings it evokes.  It speaks to them on many different levels.  


I am an indigenous artist, expressing myself and my culture through the mediums of mosaic and sculpture. I endeavor to create art that speaks to the connection between communities, individuals, our underlying spirit, and the natural world.  We are all connected, it is all connected, and when we see a work of art that speaks to us on this deeper level, we feel something that we might not understand on the surface, but it changes us, and it makes us feel something in visceral ways. As someone who has only recently reconnected with my biological family and indigenous community, and this connection has had a profound influence on my work. I now see how all of the elements of my art (and life) are connected, all have a purpose, and seemingly disparate occurrences and artistic styles all actually are a part of the whole.  The journey of discovery and creation is unending. I find that this concept is universal in many ways to many people.  


Sharing my revelations and discoveries with others through teaching and exhibiting my artwork is imperative.  I believe that everyone is creative, and can tap into the joy of personal expression in many ways, through many means.  I want to contribute to this in any way I can. I truly believe that when people discover and trust this inner knowledge and expression, it can change the world.



Dianne Sonnenberg is an internationally-recognized mosaic artist born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and based in Austin, Texas. She has been involved in the global mosaic community for over 15 years, and is a member of The Society of American Mosaic Artists, The Texas Society of Sculptors, and the Austin Mosaic Guild.  


As a member of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation in Ontario, Canada, she endeavors to express herself on both personal and community levels.  Dianne is passionate about her art, and has taught hundreds of students the wonderful art of mosaics. Her mosaics and sculptural works have won numerous awards, including Best Architectural Mosaic at the 2010 Mosaic Arts International Exhibit in Chicago, IL.  


Dianne is a member of the faculty at The Contemporary Austin Art School at Laguna Gloria, the Artistic Director at The Austin School of Mosaic Art (2017-2019), an instructor at Mosaic Arts Online, and is a sought-after instructor across the US and Canada.  She has participated in numerous symposia and residencies both online and across the globe.

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